Optic Armor Performance Windows Hiring Full Time Employees

As an automotive enthusiast, there’s only one thing that can beat having toys of your own and that’s working in the industry you love. That’s why it’s our pleasure to announce that our friends at Optic Armor Performance Windows are currently accepting applications for full time positions. If you love the race industry or even have a race car of your own, this is the perfect opportunity to dive even deeper into the race industry.

Opened in 1999, Optic Armor Performance Windows has specialized in one and only one thing for over a decade, and that’s racing and safety windows.

With a mission to prepare the highest quality race windows on the market while retaining optimal clarity, Optic Armor Performance Windows has supplied numerous race teams and individual racers with non-breakable windows that can’t be beat for 13 years now.

Understanding that this technology would be beneficial in other areas, including in the construction and forestry industries, Optic Armor now produces laminated safety windshields for other market sectors as well.

While there are plenty of other race windows on the market, Optic Armor makes it a point to go above and beyond with their products. Not only are their windows highly scratch and chemical resistant, they’re also shatterproof, flexible, 50 to 75 percent lighter than glass, and provide optimal water shedding capabilities. Available in stock or oversized fits, Optic Armor’s windows provide optimal clarity, which is very important in seeing your end destination on the track, and can even be cleaned with regular glass cleaner.

Optic Armor is a fabulous company that supplies the industry with unbeatable products, making the opportunity to work for them a fantastic occasion. So if you’re interested in applying, just send your resume to kcapps@opticarmorwindows.com. Job duties include but are not limited to those revolving around production and fabrication of acrylic and polycarbonate products. CNC programming as well as plastics forming and fabrication experience is a plus!

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