Parking In The Winner’s Circle: Stacy Jarrell And Her ’67 Camaro

If you’ve been to a no-box big money race in the Midwest, then you’ve probably heard the name Stacy Jarrell or seen her beautiful red and white 1967 Camaro. With wins under her belt such as the No Box Nationals $10,000 race in 2016, a $5,000 race at Muncie, two track championships at Bunker Hill, and two at Muncie, and several King of the Track wallys, among many other amazing accomplishments, you’d think the woman was born in a racecar. But that’s not exactly how her story goes.

The story actually dates back to 1991, when she and her husband, Aaron, first got the car. The Camaro started out as an everyday street car and would remain so, until the year 1997 when Stacy hopped into the seat and begin her racing career. She started with a burnout in the street, before progressing to a pass down the track. “I was super nervous, but once I did the burnout the nerves kinda went away,” Stacy recalled. “It made a good clean pass, ran a 7.70. I got back to the pits and couldn’t get the smile off my face. I told Aaron he lost his seat because I was taking over.”From there, the accomplishments have sprouted left and right. But she shares the success. “My husband has been a big part in it, for sure. Pushing me to be better and building me a badass car.” Aaron, too, has a racecar: a 1970, slick black, wheelstanding Camaro that runs just as quickly as Stacy’s does, the quickest pass for both cars being a 5.97 in the eighth-mile. Aaron doesn’t make as many appearances as she does, though, content on letting her do most of the driving.

And drive she does, with wheels in the air and win lights on at the finish line, Stacy’s Camaro with a 400-inch small-block and a Powerglide has seen many winner’s circles. She notes that with these accomplishments come immense pressure both from herself and Aaron, but also from the competitors, as they are all gunning to take her out. “I try to stay humble and remember anyone can be beat at any time. You have to have luck on your side.”

Luck was on her side in 2016, when she claimed the win at the Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals $10,000-to-win race. “Honestly I was kind of in disbelief,” She recounted, “There are so many badass racers there. I just wanted to go some rounds and put some heavy hitters out. I had been wanting a bigger motorhome, so we had more room for when my girls and grandson came. So I made a deal with my old man that if I won the 10 grand, I get one. Don’t think he thought I had it in me, but he honored the bet. It was a very emotional win, driving up the track backwards and seeing everyone cheering for me still makes me smile.”

With big money wins and track championships under her belt, Stacy Jarrell appears to be able to do anything; although, she notes that it hasn’t always been that way. “It took me a long time to get any respect. I’ve always wanted to be like the guys they consider a heavy-hitter … maybe one day.”

It has taken years of seat time, hard work, and dedication to end up where she is today: humbly winning and diligently working towards obtaining all of her goals.

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