Part 1: The Greatest Wheelstands Performed On The Street

Here at DRAGZINE, our primary focus day in and day out is to inform and to entertain on the hardcore drag racing world – from the very grass roots of the sport to the professional ranks of the NHRA. That said, we’re also a group of geeked-out car enthusiasts, and although we may not approve of how or where they’re doing it, when someone builds a ride with more power then it has any business making that’s capable of hooking in a rain shower, our collective interest is piqued.

Making a car bite on a moderately-prepped dragstrip with hundreds or maybe thousands of runs worth of rubber laid down is one thing, but doing it on practically virgin asphalt is a whole other ballgame. However, a number of experienced street racers out there not only know how to get the power to the ground, but they also put the assembled crown in a frenzy with the hoops hanging high in the air. While it’s certainly a dangerous act on pubic streets no matter which way you slice it, there’s something intriguing about seeing a vehicle put the nose in the air in an environment where such a thing simply doesn’t and isn’t supposed to occur.

As an ode to those that can hook anywhere, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best wheelstand videos on the street, which we’ll present in two parts. These are shown in no particular ranking order, as we’ll simply leave it to our readers to decide which one they feel is most impressive. Before we get to the videos, however, the obligatory disclaimer:


This one is sure to get every red-blooded, obnoxious import-hating car guy (or gal) fired up. How the “Bowdown” Camaro did it was really irrelevant in this particular race. The only thing that truly mattered was that it drug the little Honda up and down Main street. That goal was accomplished, but just for some pure style points, the Camaro hikes the nose in the air with authority and disappears into the darkness, while his poor, deflated opponent pushes in the clutch, tucks his tail back between his legs, and calls it a night.

With their high center of gravity and their relatively short wheelbase, decently powered Jeep’s are notorious for being able to hike the front wheels if you really know what you’re doing from a dig. Now, we’re not particularly sure what this Jeep is packing other than the obvious fact that its a V-8, but it certainly isn’t anything close to stock, and there’s no telling how quick it might be or how far those hoops might hang if the driver were giving it more than a half-hearted effort for his interested onlookers.

Hey, we never said this was limited only to cars, and besides, a golf cart drives in traffic just fine. Don’t ask us how we know that.

Virtually any backwards hat-wearing twentysomething dressed like an Affliction model with a sport bike above 500cc’s can do a wheelie, and if we included every great motorcycle wheelstand on the internet, this would be a top 1,000 rather than a top 10. But let’s see them do it with a golf cart.

If there were ever a “sleeper” in the ranks of golf carts, this might be the one. No 20-inch rims, no lift kit, no flashy paint or chrome, and no annoying stereo system. Just a ratty old run-of-the-mill golf cart that just happens to have a Yamaha motorcycle motor where the wimpy electric motor used to be. According the video details, this peppy cart was built for the large sum of $0 using parts that “came from his barn.”

Despite the weight of not one but two adults onboard, this sweet beer…err golf bag carrying ride drags the bumper down the driveway like nobody’s business and the top speed on it probably just as impressive. This is one way to get in a quick 18 holes after work, we suppose.

This epic matchup is between a pair of very stout cars that probably have no business being on the street: one a first-gen Camaro spraying the sauce and the other a supercharged Nova. right out of the gate, the Camaro heads toward the stars and comes crashing down onto the oil pan, bringing a premature end to what might’ve been a good race. The style points counts for something right?

Someone is in an awfully big hurry to get to the supermarket or pick the rugrats up from soccer, but groceries certainly aren’t the only thing this wagon is hauling!

We wish we knew more about this Malibu wagon and what it had for power, but nonetheless, it’s one bad ride and it makes us want to go find a wagon to murder out. Although clearly a popular racing spot judging by the parallel tracks of rubber, psuedo burnout boxes, and perhaps even a little homegrown “track” prep, the wagon was obviously showing off for the crowd and the camera, but if your street car could pack the wheels for a good 60-80 feet, you’d toot your own horn too.

Keep it here to DRAGZINE was we bring you part two of the greatest wheelstands on the street, and if you have a favorite wheelstand video that wasn’t included here, share it with us at

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