Pat Musi Becomes First to Drive an EFI/Nitrous Door-slammer to the 5’s

If you’ve been wondering where to find all of the fastest door-slammer pro modified racing this week then look no further than Bradenton, where many Pro-Mod teams are testing to get ready for the highly anticipated 2010 season. While with any test session there are ups and downs, making the headlines this week is Pat Musi – becoming the first man to drive an electronically fuel injected nitrous-assisted door-slammer to the 5 second zone, adding yet another achievement to this well-known racer’s extensive racing career. Pat may not be as young as he once was, but he sure hasn’t lost one bit of driving talent.


Musi first raced his new Jerry-Bickel built Dodge Stratus in Vegas at the end of last year and while the performance was great with 6.20’s right off the trailer, Musi wanted more and this week he got just that, with his new best run – a 5.997 at 236 mph. Pat surely has this all new 903 cubic inch mountain motor working well and if he can consistently run 6.0’s or even better, the competition better look out! With every pass Musi makes he’s looking better and better for the classic Pat Musi vs. Tony Christian battle we’ve all been waiting for. At the very least, with runs like this it would be no surprise for Pat to chalk up a few wins this year but it’ll take more than good test runs to do this. We can’t wait to see Pat back at the top of the pack in 2010.

Pat would also like to thank DART for their fully custom billet block that he is using and he’s very impressed with its ability to hold together in such a harsh environment. This monstrous Pat Musi Racing Engines motor is truly a work of art, who else wants one between their frame rails?

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