Dyno 4We have had our Dynojet Dynamometer in the ground and running for the past eight months, making pull after pull. We decided it was time to do some maintenance to keep the dyno it tip top shape. 

That’s a trick statement! There is no required maintenance on your Dynojet Dynamometer! According to the Dynojet website, they are “maintenance free.” However that doesn’t mean there isn’t some normal wear and tear items on these that you should inspect regularly and replace as necessary. 

Wear and tear items would consist of air/fuel pump maintenance kits, air/fuel filters, O2 sensors, and tachometer pickup cables. Be sure to inspect these regular for wear and tear and replace as necessary to insure the most accurate dyno readings. However none of those are required maintenance items, just pieces that could wear and need replacing.

Dyno 3

I noticed that one of  our mechanics had the metal covers pulled up on our Dynojet Dynamometer and I asked what he was doing. I fully expected to hear that he was replacing some bearings, bushings, or some other part. Cody informed me that he was simply vacuuming out the pit. “The pit the machine sits in gets dusty so we like pull up the plates and clean it up every few months.” That’s the extent of the maintenance that’s required with these Dynojet Dynamometers. Cody also does a visual inspection as well just to make sure nothing looks out of place or shows signs of wear or failure. Ours passed with flying colors!

Mind you we use this dyno almost daily. Very rare is there a day that goes by that we don’t have some sort of car on the dyno. We always make multiple runs as well, so this dyno sees a ton of use. Having no maintenance with a heavily used item, we couldn’t be happier! Now if only all my other tools could be the same way. 

Dyno 2