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When it comes time to start plumbing any project car, space can become very tight and fitting wrenches on AN fittings can be difficult, but that’s where Jiffy-tite can help. The expanded line of Pro-Compact fittings that Jiffy-tite offers can eliminate a lot of headaches for you by making any hard-to-plumb area under the hood easier to access. These fittings can tackle any project from a Saturday night cruiser to a full-blown racecar for plumbing various types of fluid transfer jobs.

To help keep the size down and maintain the benefit of the Jiffy-tite no-tools-required disconnect system, the internal valves that are standard on other fittings the company offers are not available on the Pro-Compact series. According to Lisa Reese from Jiffy-tite Motorsports, the Pro-Compact line is perfect for avoiding issues that can be a problem for other fittings.

“Because no tools are needed to change Jiffy-tite quick-connect fluid fittings in these tight spaces, users can avoid many common problems associated with fluid transfer, including stripping, cross-threading, over-tightening, or forgetting to tighten the fittings.”

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The Pro-Compact fittings are designed to be used with virtually any fuel on the market today and can work with oil, water, and transmission applications, as well. To make the Pro-Compact fittings extra-durable and resistant to wear Jiffy-tite constructed them from 6061-T6 aluminum. The connectors are able to swivel a full 360 degrees after they have been locked into place, making it easy to use the Pro-Compact fittings anywhere on a car. The Pro Compact fittings have sockets available in hose barb, push-to-lock hose barb, reusable nut hose end, as well as male and female 37-degree AN fittings.

Check out Jiffy-tite’s website to see the expanded line of Pro-Compact fittings that can help you plumb any project you have in your garage.