PRI 2017: Davis Technologies Introduces Their New Smart Relay

Relays are some of the oldest forms of electronics you will find in a racecar and they are fairly simple in how they operate. The Smart Relay from Davis Technologies takes that mundane piece of electronics and weaponizes it in a way that racers can get amazing functionality in a very small package.

Based on solid state relay technology, the Smart Relay has a robust foundation that can handle heavy loads. The whole unit is actually four separate relays that can hold up to 65 amps of current. Davis Technologies has designed the Smart Relay to run its best with each channel holding 25 amps continuously, so a single kit of nitrous, converter bleed, or lockup are ideal for the unit.

The brains behind the Smart Relay is its ability to be programmed and triggered off a positive input. When the unit is armed it can be used as a bump box, transbrake, and is pulseable so there are lots of options on how it can be used. Each of the channels can be turned on or off up to eight times turn a run, so that adds, even more, functionality to Smart Relay system.

Shannon Davis, owner of Davis Technologies explains what else you can do with the Smart Relay. “The Smart Relay can be set up with pre-launch conditions in the programming for each channel, so you can use it for a two-step or other process you might have for your car. We used the same software that’s in the Profiler to give the Smart Relay the ability to be used in many different situations in a racecar.”

The Smart Relay can be programmed on a laptop with the supplied software from Davis Technologies, or with a handheld LCD programmer that can be purchased as an option.

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