There was once a time where largely original, heavy classic muscle cars outfitted with massive cubic inch engines, nitrous oxide, and a hefty set of meats ruled the heads-up street car drag racing scene. These exciting machines gradually gave way to the full tube chsssis Pro Modified cars that we see today, but that connection between the hot rodder and the cars on the track has never been the same. But a few diehard souls march on, and boy, are they exciting.

We had a chance to look over and watch the incredible ’66 Chevelle of Illinois native Jim Priola as he made several exhibition hits at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Drag Racing at Route 66 Raceway back in June, and when this wicked machine grabbed the headlines last week, we just had to share it.

While competing with the Outlaw Super Stock traveling circus at the Byron Wheelstand Championships at the Byron Dragway last week, Priola clicked off his first 200 MPH pass in the Big Block-powered Chevelle outfitted with an F3 ProCharger in a blow-through configuration. Next up on the to-do list for Priola? The sixes.

Video of this awesome example of what Pro Street was and should be was captured from several angles around Byron, so do yourself a favor and check these out.