Pro Torque Offers Up Refurbished Torque Converters At Great Prices


Racing season may be in full swing, but if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your torque converter program now is the time, because Pro Torque has put their refurbished converters on sale. This type of offering doesn’t happen very often and it’s a great way to get cutting edge torque converter technology at a discounted price.

According to Pro Torque’s Joe Rivera, their trade-in program helps customers get into upgraded converters at a great price-point.

“We come out with new products all the time, so we offer this trade-in program when we can on certain products. A lot of guys upgrade from a welded converter to our EV1 and we give them a certain trade value towards their new converter. What happens is then we have all of these used converters we need to move that are still great converters, so we offer them as a refurbished unit at a discounted price.”

All of the converters that are part of the sale have been completely gone through and brought back to factory specifications. Some of the converters are units that were never even used because they were ordered with the wrong spline size or the customer changed their combination. “This sale is a great way for people to get their hands on a proven product at a price they can afford as other teams upgrade their equipment,” Rivera says.


All of the converters that are purchased can be tailored to fit the combination of the customer. The converters also come with the same service, quality, and a free stall adjustment within the first 90 days like a brand new converter.

If you’re in the market for a new converter give Pro Torque a call or visit their website to see what converters they have available. Act now because this sale goes until the end of June, or until they run out of refurbished converters!

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