Protection Plan: Martino Racing Talks How To Keep Wiring Safe

The level of precision required to win in NHRA’s Top Dragster class is some of the highest in all of sportsman racing, with racers being at the top of their game while going deep in into the six-second zone at the stripe. To maintain their accuracy, racers have found that eliminating any variables is the key to repeatable performances at the high speeds these open-body missiles run. Veteran racer Tony Martino and his team have found that using DEI Products helps their dragster perform consistently pass after pass.

Competitors in Top Dragster have to deal with something that those in Top Sportsman don’t: their sensitive electronics and other vital parts of the car being exposed to the elements. On a dragster the lines, sensors, hoses, and wires all rub together while having to deal with harsh sunlight, chemicals, and more. If these items aren’t protected properly, they will not perform consistently and will experience premature failure; but that’s where DEI comes in.

Ryan Martino is the crew chief on the team’s dragster, and understands how important it is to protect the vital parts of their dragster to get the maximum level of performance needed to win.

“DEI’s products keep our lines, hoses, sensors, and wiring protected from the elements such as chemicals, weather, dirt, rubber, and dust, which can affect the lines, hoses, sensors, and wiring’s performance and could potentially lead to catastrophic failure,” Martino explains.

By using products like DEI’s Heat Screen, Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve, High-Temp Heat Shrink Tubes, and other products, the Martino team has been able to finish in the top five of the tough NHRA Division 3 Top Dragster points the past two season. Make sure to check out DEI’s website to see all the protective products they offer to help keep the important parts of your racecar safe.

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