Rich Christensen Begins Filming New Drag Racing Show Won & Done

Rich Christensen has not let any grass grow under his feet, as the host of the once popular shows PINKS AND PINKS: ALL OUT is now at it again with a new television series creation known as Won & Done. The new undertaking, which is an exclusive to MAVTV, is scheduled to begin airing in April. Featured alongside Christensen will also be NHRA Top Fuel racer Morgan Lucas, the son of Lucas Oil founder Forrest Lucas.

MAVTV, which was created in 2002, became the property of Forrest Lucas and Lucas Oil Products in 2011 when the network was purchased from the former Showtime Executives that originally founded it. Home to almost two dozen shows, MavTV strives to provide superiority in its’ HD line-up.

Fans in the Southern California area will be happy to know that the new show will be filmed local to them at the Irwindale Drag Strip in Irwindale, California. Anyone and everyone is welcome to  catch the filming of Won & Done, on the first and third Thursday of the month, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. The times coincide with the dragstrips’ normal test-n-tune sessions.

Christensens’ new show should be far from drama free, as one pair of cars confer for one race, and one race only. Everything about the race details will be negotiable: lane choices, car lengths, even the start and the race distance. When the deal is struck, it is win or lose, or rather, Won & Done. The winner will go on to compete again, and the loser is finished, never to compete on the show again. If the race champ wins ten races in a row, they receive a hefty bonus of a cool fifty grand.

Christensen’s PINKS concept was a huge hit for many years on the SPEED Channel, now we’ll see if he can catch lightning in a bottle again.







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