With  four-plus decades of experience in the hot-rod wiring field, one could say that the folks at Ron Francis Wiring have a pretty good handle on what it takes to make the lights light, the blinkers blink, and the horn beep. According to company President Scott Bowers, “Today we have probably close to 700 different products that we offer to the hot rod, street rod, custom and racing industries. It’s very important to have products that create a clean installation and meet the customer’s needs.”

They have six different harness product lines, from the Bare Bonz line (which is exactly as minimalist as it sounds) to the full-boogie Access 24/7 newest-generation wiring kits, and there’s a little something for everyone.

That’s only the beginning, though – their product line includes not only all of the miscellaneous electrical connectors and wiring doodads you could possibly want, but they also offer complete harnesses and replacement harness sections to repair connectors and pigtails that have been broken or misplaced during a teardown. Switches, accessory wiring, lighting, and even the tools you will need to make it all come together can be found in their catalog.

Wiring up your own car isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think, and when you can shop in one place and pick up every single item you are going to need for the task, it becomes even less daunting. Add in the technical support from the guy who puts his name on the parts and you’ve got a winning combination. We look forward to working with Ron Francis Wiring products in the future!