The official date marking the beginning of spring has come and gone and April Fools Day is just a couple days away, and for most, that means it’s just about time for the annual spring cleaning ritual. Luckily for all of the gearheads out there, spring cleaning isn’t just limited to gift boxes and clothes that don’t fit anymore after eating too much over the holidays.

With spring upon us, our good friends over at Dart Machinery are moving some of their inventory out of the shop to make way for new products, and they’ve compiled a complete section for the items being listed with special Spring Cleaning pricing offers.

Among these great deals from the leader in aftermarket engine components are a myriad of Small and Big Block valve covers, intake spacers, Iron Eagle cylinder heads of the Ford and Pre-Platinum variety, Pro1 and 360 Big Block heads, single plane and tunnel ram Big Block Chevy intake manifolds, 18-degree Small Block Chevy intakes, and even their impressive 5.2″ bore space Billet Aluminum Big Block Chevy race heads.

Each product in Dart’s spring cleaning sale is being offered at much reduced prices, and by clicking on the “Learn More” links under each product, you can see  the quantity available for purchase. In addition to the current lineup of specials, Dart will be adding more items in the near future, so be sure to check back often to find just what you’re looking for while saving a few bucks in the process.

To view the current list of Spring Cleaning Sale items or to learn more about Dart, head on over to