Sites Does it Again! His ‘71 Chevy Pickup Truck Smashes His Own Record

Around a year ago, we posted a story on Virginian Mic Sites and his awesome ‘71 Chevy pickup truck. At that time, the 4,100+ pound truck was boggling the mind. Sites ran quarter mile passes in the 8.60 second range at over 160 mph using a 632-inch big block with the only power adder being a 150 shot of nitrous. Mic and his long-box, green-and-white monster made 160 mph look easy. At the end of the story we printed, “With mid-eight second passes behind them, Mic and his crew chief Jackson Sites have the seven second mark in their sights.” An eight-second long-box steel truck is enough to get one’s mind around, but the seven-second mark? Come on! That’s one lofty goal. DSC(984)

Last week we spoke with Mic and our minds are officially blown. Try 4.90s in the eighth-mile and 7.60s in the quarter. Last year the truck was not turbo- or super-charged, but surely to run 7.60s it had to be now, right? The answers is no. It’s still a 632 on nitrous, but not the same 632. To reach his seven-second goal, Sites turned to one of his neighbors, Michael Martin. Yes, the Michael Martin with the fastest 10.5 tire nitrous outlaw in the land. Together they put Mic’s obese truck on a diet by adding a fiberglass front end and a new Fat Mans front suspension. For increased power, they turned to Billy Albert Racing engines in Virgina to build the all-aluminum 632-cubic-inch engine. Martin installed the aluminum power plant, plumbed the nitrous, and set the suspension to hook the truck to the track. That favorite crowd-pleasing wheel stand is, of course, courtesy of Mic Sites.

It was different. You’re way up in the air, in a truck. I was way up there and the rev limiter was on so fast because the back tires weren’t touching.

When asked what it was like doing a bumper dragging wheel stand in a long truck, Sites replied, “It was different. You’re way up in the air, in a truck. I was way up there and the rev limiter was on so fast because the back tires weren’t touching.” Mic included that after repairing the damage from the truck slamming back to the track, the next purchase for his truck would be a set of wheelie bars.  Mic was a lot of fun to talk to and was extremely appreciative of all the people who have helped him realize his drag racing dreams. Drag racing is a family passion for Sites, and his seventeen-year-old son, Jackson, is an important part of that. Sites said “My son has stepped to the plate and is in training with Michael Martin, tuning the engine through the laptop, and he takes care of all the behind-the-scenes duties.” He also commented, “I can’t say enough about the power plant that Albert’s engines provided —and the awesome tune ups that Michael Martin does.”

Sites was hesitant to give any more predictions because he has plans to do some grudge racing and he is not ready to tip his hand. If you would like to see Mic’s truck in person, he plans to make the trip to the Yellow Bullet Nationals on August 30th at Cecil county drag way in Raising Sun Maryland. Also he would like to compete in the world Street Car Nationals in Orlando, Florida. We would like to thank Mic for taking the time to talk with us and wish him happy racing.

Photo and video by Images by Don Jew

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