Sneak Peak: Twin-Turbo Modular Outlaw Build

Photo Credit: Modular Mustang Racing

Modular Mustang Racing sent us a sneak peak of their latest twin-turbo modular engine that’s between the frame rails of a new Outlaw 2010 GT500 Mustang project. The Ventura, California based team plans to enter the car in PSCA Outlaw and NMRA Pro Outlaw class.

The engine’s foundation is a MMR prepped 5.4-liter “Monster Mod” short block with aluminum connecting rods and forged pistons. The cylinder heads are four-valve Ford GT 500 units with a MMR Stage 3R port job and turbo cams. Topping the motor is a custom-built sheet metal intake manifold with eight Bosch 160lb injectors fed fuel by a Weldon high-pressure fuel pump.

Modular Mustang Racing have been racing turbo charged Ford modular engines for years, so turbos were a natural choice for this new Outlaw project. They selected two Garrett ball bearing turbos and built a custom turbo kit around the front mounted units. To direct exhaust gasses to the massive turbos, MMR selected a Tial stainless exhaust housing. To cool the air, a Deeds Performance Air/Liquid intercooler lowers the temperature of the air charge in the intake.

The ignition system has been updated from coil on plug to MMR’s modular distributor drive system. Fuel and spark are controlled by a FAST engine management system.

With all that power and 200 mph speeds, MMR did extensive updates to the 2010 Mustang GT500 steel body including a 25.2 in-house chassis built by Mark Luton Race Cars. A Strange 9 inch rear end mated to a Rossler Turbo 400 transmission transfers power to the rear wheels.

Once completed, the team plans on hitting the PSCA races on the west coast and a trip east for some NMRA action is also in the works.

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