Turbo 004

No racer ever wants to deal with parts getting damaged because a fastener has come loose or failed at a high rate of speed, so using the correct fastener is important to say the least. Stage 8 Locking Fasteners provides fasteners for just about any application you can think of, and their Locking Turbo Bolt / Nut Kits are a way for you to make sure your turbo stays in place no matter how hard you spin it.

With the rise of turbos being used as a power-adder in more applications, Stage 8 saw an opportunity to help end users not have to worry about fastener failures. According to Bruce Bennett from Stage 8, their kits address the needs of anybody with a turbo. “We designed these kits to take any abuse the user can throw at it, and not have to worry about horsepower loss or gasket failure due to a bolt coming loose.”

The Locking Turbo Bolt / Nut Kits are made of ultra-strong 4130 alloy steel and come with a bolt or nut, a stainless steel locking retainer, and spring clip. The bolts will use either a 7/16 hex head with a 3/16 Allen or 12 point head while coming in in several different lengths. These grade 8 bolts are perfect for a turbo application because they won’t stretch due to the heat the turbo produces. The parts in the kit have a Duplex nickel finish to give them a great look and provide corrosion resistance while under the hood of your car or truck.

Make sure to check out Stage 8 Locking Fasteners website to see all the different Locking Turbo Bolt / Nut Kits they offer!