Since he became the latest driver to fly the not-so-friendly skies above South Georgia Motorsports Park, fans have been waiting to see what Steve “Stevie Fast” Jackson, Phil Shuler, and Killin Time Racing have in store for 2017. Wonder no longer, race fans.Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 3.08.44 AM

Shadow 2.0 is now coming together thanks to Rick Jones Race Cars and its massive Quarter Max parts supply warehouse, and the platform is undergoing a pretty significant change. No longer will Jackson fly the Blue Oval banner, instead opting to build a Camaro for his return to radial racing, which he hopes to make in February at Lights Out 8. The Camaro already has the powerplant nestled between the framerails of a car that the team picked up in a partial state of completion from Richard Freeman of Elite Motorsports.

The Camaro will be powered by the same blown bullet that pushed the Shadow deep into eliminations at many of Donald Long’s radial races. With a quickest elapsed time of 3.87 in its former Fox Body chassis, there’s a 100 percent chance the newer, more modern Chevrolet will run even quicker. In fact, Jackson is hopeful to be the first radial driver to crack the 3.60 barrier, an E.T. threshold that just a few years ago seemed laughable to think radials would ever cross.Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 3.09.24 AM

Currently holding the radial record in the nitrous-huffing Camaro that he campaigned in PDRA Pro Nitrous at 3.75, Jackson views th progression of radial-equipped cars as nothing short of astonishing. In just a few short years, the Radial vs the World record has dropped over a half second and shows now real sign of slowing down.

Jackson is one of the great personalities in the sport of drag racing and it’s great to see him and the KTR crew wasting no time getting back on track. Stevie and his partners, Jeff Sitton and Phil Shuler, don’t play for second place, so expect the Shadow 2.0 to show up at SGMP loaded for bear.