Taylor Lastor Set To Debut New ’69 Camaro In X275 At SGMP

If you’ve been following along with the trends in the incredibly-popular X275 class, you may have noticed an abundance of Mustangs populating the staging lanes. But over the last couple of months, as the “silly season” has heated up and competitors have begun preparing for the upcoming 2013 racing season, we’ve come across a number of builds that are anything but a Mustang, and one of them is right here for your perusal.

This gorgeous ’69 Camaro hails from the great state of Texas, home of all things “big”, and big is exactly how this car is set up to perform. It’s owned and driven by none other than Taylor Lastor of NHRA Pro Stock, Pro Stock Truck and Pro Mod fame. Lastor is the owner and operator of TRE Racing Engines, which has an extensive successful racing history in a number of different racing classes and customers all over the globe running their Texas-brand of horsepower.  The engine in this Camaro is one of Lastor’s finest TRE nitrous-inhaling big-blocks, and we’re sure given his history and racing experience, that it’s been stretched to within an inch of the rules in every area, as evidenced by the incredible 7.86 at only 131 MPH at the 1/4 mile traps in the video.

It’s interesting to note that the car isn’t very violent off the starting line, with not even a hint of wheelstand. Perhaps even more telling is the soft 1.31 short time recorded on the board, and once Lastor can get that down a bit this thing will be right at the top of the heap in what is shaping up to be one hell of a season for all of the hitters in X275. Could we see 4.50’s or even 4.40’s from a class that was designed to be a “budget”-friendly place to race? 

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