The Four Pieces Needed To Install A Canton Accusump Correctly

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It’s unlikely that we need to tell anyone reading this story just how important it is to have oil lubricating the many working parts inside an engine at all times. The problem is, there are times when there’s not, and that’s where astute manufacturers come into the picture with a solution — to provide means for proper oil pressure and oil disbursement on cold startup, when oil pressure is low due to high-revs, or during cornering when oil sloshes away from the pan pickup.

For Canton Racing Products, the Accusump is their solution to the problem, and we’ve highlighted in the past the benefits, features, and the operating protocol for their oil accumulator, which you can read here. Available in manual and automatic (electronic) versions, the Accusump is a pressurized air cylinder that accumulates and stores oil from the charged oil system during engine operation and keeps it for when it’s needed. This includes startup, when the Accusump valve, when opened, will purge air from the oil gallery and permit oil to flow through the engine prior to start-up.


During engine operation, the Accusump continues protecting your engine, as anytime there’s a disruption of oil pressure — be it from sloshing or oil pressure loss from high revs — the Accusump stores oil and automatically supplies 15 to 60 seconds worth of oil until proper pressure returns.

In a recent blog update, Canton Racing Products highlighted one of the more frequent topics regarding the Accusump, and that’s how the device is installed to begin with. To simplify that process, the Canton staff outlined the four parts necessary for proper installation.


The first item, of course, is the Accusump itself, of which there are four different sizes available for varying uses and space constraints. The 1-quart version is intended for pre-oiling motorcycle engines; the 2- and 3-quart is recommended for track use; and a high-pressure version is produced for big cubic-inch engines running a high oil pressure.

The second item is the stainless steel mounting clamps (which Canton points out should always be mounted one at each end. The third, and the one Canton identifies as the most confusing for first-time Accusump users, is selecting the proper ball valve. Canton offers three of them: a manual valve that’s suitable for vehicles where the user has easy physical access to the Accusump: an electric valve without an EPC switch for applications where the Accusump isn’t easily reachable; and an electric with an EPC switch, which is a type of valve that guarantees the Accusump is always full when needed.


And last is the plumbing installation kit. Canton shares that any pressure port on the block can be utilized for the Accusump, and if extra ports aren’t available, a single port oil sandwich adapter can be used.

You can read etc of the steps in greater detail and gain access to product installation pages and selection guides by visiting the blog update page on the Canton website here.

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