There are so many big drag races across the country that you could easily spend an entire season hitting a different one each month and still have some you would miss. It’s great there are so many options, however, this sport survives on the local tracks and racers who are racing every weekend.  Pacemakers Dragway Park is a small track in central Ohio that’s helping to keep the sport of drag racing alive with great local racing each week.

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Going to Pacemakers for one of their Cash Days races is like a trip back in the racing time machine. The pits are packed with local heroes wanting to win the big money on the line and put on a show for the large crowd of fans that have come to see the heads-up action. The atmosphere at these events is equal parts match racing madness and grudge night fun for the racers who just want to make laps down the track. The stands are full, the concession stand is hopping, and the cars are flying, all the things that help make for a great local race!