With record performances in every class the action was non stop on the track for The Night the Lights Went out II – Redemption. Proline Racing’s own Eric Dillard took the Cup in PTC Radial vs. the World over the nitrous sniffing, record setting Camaro of Scotty Gaudagno, the fastest car on slicks this weekend with a 4.511 in the final.

Stevie Fast took the win over Hinzman in Outlaw Radial with a 4.400 @ 179 after going red against Carlton Thompson in Radial v the World as one of several double entered racers this weekend.

After the success of the first event here at SGMP last year a chance for the slick tire guys at redemption was in order, that wasn’t to happen this year at Radial tires again swept all classes. In a huge upset last year’s winner David Wolfe fell early to Don Burton after losing traction in the first round. We caught the final qualifying of Radial vs. the World and semis and finals of Holley No Boost, Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors Ultimate Street, TCI Outlaw Radial; VP Race Fuels Outlaw 275 vs. 28 x 10.5, TRZ Motorsports X 275 and PTC Radial vs. the World.