The Ultimate “Backyard” Budget Twin Turbo BBF Fox-Body Build

We absolutely love seeing a plan come together and better yet, doing it all on a shoe-string budget. We’d all love to save a buck or two here and there, but what about saving every dollar possible by literally building the entire car in a backyard? Can it even be done or is this just one whacky idea that’s totally out of the realm of possibility?

For this Fox Body owner on Yellow Bullet, this idea is steadily transforming into reality as the days wear on.

We figured the body work, engine assembly and other tidbits would be fairly achievable in this setting, but we never quite imagined building a ground up 25.4 spec chassis this way. With a home-made wooden chassis jig, Northwest Outlaw constructed the entire chassis right there and it looks nothing short of perfect. The engine and drivetrain installation are still a little ways off, but when it’s time, it will be greeted by a sweet little 528 cubic inch BBF with a set of 75mm turbos – gulping a healthy dose of the extremely boost-friendly methanol. If all goes well this combo should be good for 1500+ horsepower with ease.

Underneath the home made chassis and floor pan will be a venerable Powerglide transmission. Once everything is tied together and this car is ready to roll, Northwest Outlaw plans on running it in some bracket classes along with a local Pro Street class. For all us guys and gals that are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to do things, we should all take note of a build like this that really defines the term “budget.”

Ok, enough of the budget talk, who simply can’t wait to see this Pro Street fox-body make some 7-second passes?

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