Images credit: DragBike Live

During qualifying for the PR Factory Top Fuel Motorcycle category at the annual Spring Manufacturers Cup motorcycle drag racing event at the South Georgia Motorsports Park on Saturday, three unidentified crew members were injured by flying debris when the engine of one of the motorcycles exploded while performing a burnout.

According to DragBike Live, whose team was in attendance at the Manufacturers Cup providing extensive event coverage, the incident occurred within the restricted area limited only to credentialed crew personnel, media, and race and track officials.

Details are very limited, but the three individuals received immediate medical attention from on-site EMT’s and bystanders until Valdosta EMT’s arrived on the scene. According to a later report, two of the three crew members were treated and released from a nearby hospital, while the third, Walter Halonski from Gainesville, Fla., underwent surgery for injuries to his lungs. Per the report, it was the intake manifold on the still unnamed nitro-burning Harley Davidson that came apart and was the primary source of the scattered debris.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr. Halonski and the other two individuals treated for injuries in what was certainly the nightmare scenario for any crew member or official.