Transferring Big Power With Meziere Enterprises Flexplates

Horsepower is boatloads of fun to experience when you mash the gas, but you have to prepare for what it can do to your driveline and make sure you’re prepared to put that power down. The flexplate is a critical part of the horsepower transfer process that needs to match the power level you’re generating, or you could face some big problems. Since our Project BlownZ06 is going to be making some hefty horsepower, we’ll be bolting a beefy Meziere Enterprises FPS148 flexplate to the boosted Pro Line Racing engine we’re using to keep the power flowing smoothly each pass.

Meziere really did their homework when developing a flexplate that can deal with the stress and power a high-horsepower engine produces. Their FPS148 flexplate is machined from a single piece of 4340 billet steel to provide a high level of strength and prevents the ring gear from separating from the flexplate. The Meziere flexplate has the optimal thickness to deal with the rotational and longitudinal forces put on it, but has been lightened to keep its rotating weight down.

The Meziere flexplate is the perfect match for our Pro Line Racing powerplant that will be receiving its boost from a pair of ProChargers.

Don Meziere, partner at Meziere Enterprises has logged many passes at the drag strip and knows a thing or two about what racers need when it comes to driveline parts like flexplates. “There are no sharp edges on our flexplates, which eliminates stress risers in the plate. The converter drill patterns will mate with just about all the major high-performance converters on the market. The ring gear is machined with the ultra-strong ten pitch form and has the 136-tooth count, which gets the ring gear inside of the mandatory double-lined cans, required in the Pro Mod class.”

If you’re going to be making big power like our Project BlownZ06 check out the different flexplates Meziere Enterprises offers on their website to see which will fit your application.

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