Truck, Dually or Trailer Wheels To Match Your Racecar by Weld Racing

Our friends at Weld Racing have come up with a great idea for racing teams that like a uniform and professional looking appearance for their race team. Matching wheels for your tow truck, dually or race trailer.

We’ve often seen tow vehicles decked out with the same paint scheme as the team racecars, some even have the same decals, and it’s not uncommon to see the race trailer graphics that match the racecar and tow vehicle.

Weld Racing's line of Truck, Dually and Trailer wheels are available now in 10 different classes and several styles. These options will allow racers to match their truck, trailer and race car wheels.

The single rear wheel truck load ratings of 3,500 pounds using 44″ tires puts these wheels in a class of one.               – Gregory Smith

Until this point, it’s been difficult to match the wheels for your truck, trailer and hotrod. And let’s be honest here…in the past, trailer wheels leave a lot to be desired. While they have been satisfactory enough to do the job, trailer wheels have been plain, weaker than other vehicle’s wheels, and somewhat ugly.

Weld Racing has opened the doors to upgrading your plain Jane looking trailer wheels, as well as matching the tow vehicle’s wheels to the racecar and the trailer for complete attention to race team details in the new line of truck and trailer wheels.

Originally announced by Weld Racing LLC at the 2011 SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, Weld Racing expected these wheels to be available in January of 2012. Hitting their target date, the Weld Racing line of aluminum Truck, Dually and Trailer wheels are available now and according to Weld Racing’s Director of Marketing, Gregory Smith, tells us that the response has been overwhelming.

Dually D54 black rear wheel with no lugs.

According to Smith,”These wheels are made in the U.S. and are available for single rear wheel trucks, duallies and trailer wheels in matching styles and finishes. The line offers 10 new classes and new styles in polished and black anodized finishes.”

Smith also told us, “the single rear wheel truck load ratings of 3,500 pounds using 44″ tires puts these wheels in a class of one.”

Highlights of Weld Racing’s New Line of Truck, Dually and Trailer Wheels:

  • Forged aluminum construction adds durability and sheds the excess weight of cast aluminum wheels.
  • Sngle rear wheel truck sizes are 17×8.5 to 20×14. Direct mount dually sizes are 17×5.6 and 19.5×6.75. Trailer wheels are 16×6.
  • 5, 6 and 8 lug applications are available now.

Weld Racing’s new product line of Truck and Trailer wheels offer the usual high quality forged construction that we’ve all come to expect from the premium wheels manufactured at Weld’s Kansas City factory. As more information and detail become available, we will get them published. For now, details on individual products in the Truck, Dually and Trailer product line can be found at Weld Racing’s Truck and Trailer Webpage.

Enjoy the photo gallery of Weld’s new line of wheels for dually trucks (Click on image to enlarge):

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