Even though it was brief, the Pontiac GTO’s re-debut back in 2004 was a hit. With the option of an LS1 at the beginning stages and an LS2 later on, owners have had the help of the aftermarket to make either one a ground pounding machine. Two particular GTO’s that we found over on ProCharger’s Blog really caught our eyes. One was hopped up for driving around on the street, and the other to run down the dragstrip.

The street driven GTO is powered by an LS2, which you can see the whole car feature on GMHighTechPerformance.com. The strip monster was upgraded to a 427 cid LS7. Oddly enough, both owners owe their Goat’s horsepower to the ProCharger supercharger installed on each.

Photo from GM High-Tech Performance

The street GTO, is a nice red 2006 with a slightly upgraded LS2 that has a nice ProCharger F-1D self-contained supercharger strapped to it. Complete with an air-to-air intercooler, we really liked this car because it is one of the few modded GTO we’ve seen with a stock exterior. Talk about a sleeper! Daily driven, 747 rwhp – it speaks for itself and we love it.

The strip GTO is one of a kind because it is the first independent rear suspension GTO that made it into the 8 second club. With the LS7, ProCharger F-1R supercharger, and an air-to-air intercooler, this GTO makes 1,018 rwhp that pushed it down the track at 8.95 @154 mph. That’s crazy fast for still having the IRS! Once again this example GTO features a pretty stock looking body, proving you don’t need fancy body done to go fast if you got the right parts under the hood.

Check out the video, and visit the boys over at ProCharger if you want to make your LS fly.