The aftermarket industry has changed dramatically since the internet has become the hub where consumers gather information on products and place orders. US Gear has stepped up their digital footprint on the internet with a website that has been totally redesigned from top to bottom. The user-friendly new US Gear website makes it easier to find products, and shows where vendors are located locally that sell US Gear parts.

US Gear has a massive product line, so having a website that’s packed with functionality was a cornerstone of the process when the site redesign began. A robust search feature was added for their key products like ring and pinions, bearing kits, installation kits, and portal wheel ends. The search function also has advanced options that allow a user to narrow their search based on the differential brand, gear size, and application. Besides the search functions, customers can see how US Gear manufactures their products and the wide variety of services they offer.

US Gear’s Cynthia Norris adds some additional depth to exactly what this stunning new website has to offer.

“The new website features individual product pages for all our ring and pinion gears, along with their related installation and bearing kits. The product pages include technical specifications as well as a Related Media tab on the upper left corner of the page with links to applicable installation videos and product literature. We have also added a new Media section that includes news posts and blogs, as well as a specific page for our digital content like installation videos and interviews.”

Check out the new US Gear website RIGHT HERE to see what all the new features it offers!