V6’s Can Race Too! 4.0L Mustang Runs 13’s N/A

The V6 Mustang – always being overshadowed by it’s bigger brother and barely ever noted for it’s performance abilities. Though we do have to face it – without the V6 Mustang sales, it would be hard for Ford to solely market a V8 model. While most guys will argue that the first mod for a V6 car would be to yank out the 6-cylinder in favor of something with more, some guys will try to squeeze every ounce of power they can out of the original motor in hopes of creating a sleeper. So for all us guys that enjoy seeing unique combination go fast, we were stoked to see a 4.0L V6 Mustang running 13’s naturally aspirated, and deep into the 12’s on spray.

Tony Ginder (owner of the car) claims to have the fastest N/A 4.0-liter Stang with his pair of 13.6 elapsed times at MIR in his ’06, and more info on these runs can be found at Mustangforums.

Photo: Mustangforums.

Now, before we hear the “It’s only a 12-13 second car, what’s the big deal?,” keep in mind, that a stock 03-04 Cobra with a supercharged 4.6-liter runs high 12’s. Compared to what a V6 runs from the factory, this is quite the accomplishment. To be more precise, the run was a 13.63 backed up by a 13.64, and with a Zex 100 shot of nitrous ran 12.4 @ 107mph. At first we were expecting a rather heavily modified motor to make these kinds of times with such little displacement, but the combo is fairly simple – with a set of ported and polished heads, custom intake, Bama Chips tune and a set of custom camshafts. Proper fuel modifications, such as larger injectors and fuel pump as well. All of this, breathing through a stock restrictive V6 single exhaust with a set of bolt-on shorty headers.

The car still gets almost 20 miles per gallon even with the 4.10 gears and 3500 stall converter. But Ginder still wants more from the car, and while he loves the way his V6 combo performs, he realizes it is time for an upgrade and is planning to swap in a built 5.4L modular powerplant in hopes of making his ride even cooler, as well as faster.

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