Video: 1,700 Horsepower Boosted Viper Runs 8’s

There are people who will try to tell you that monsters don’t exist in this world. Those people have never seen the D3 Performance Engineering-built, second-generation Dodge Viper that slithers around Houston Texas.

Viper 1This boosted beast not only makes astronomical power on the dyno, it also puts it all to use by laying down eight-second passes at the track, putting its fellow super cars on notice.

Starting with a clean Viper, D3 Performance kicked things up a notch by adding a Greg Goode-prepared engine with every trick possible so they could turn the boost up as high as they want. Providing the valuable air to the V10 is a pair of 76mm snails that helped the Viper make over 1,700 horses to the tire on 30 pounds of boost, while running on E98 fuel. A Turbo 400 transmission puts the power down and helps the Viper keep its street manners no matter how much power is thrown at it.

Viper 2Helping to control everything is a Pro EFI engine management system and MoTec dash that’s mixed with a traction control system. With the traction control, the D3-built machine rockets down the quarter-mile at a blistering 8.39-seconds at over 177 mph. That’s not all, though; the Viper also went to the prestigious Texas Invitational and won the rear wheel drive class, and earned a runner-up finish in the King of The Streets category.

What makes this snake even more scary is the fact it hasn’t even been turned up all the way yet. At close to 36 pounds of boost, this Viper could easily make over 2,000 horepower to the rear tires. Check out this video from High Tech Corvette that demonstrates just how nasty this car is.

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