Video: 4th Gen T-top Goes Flying, Takes GoPro With It

Ten years ago, the idea of attaching a camera to your car and capturing the vehicle doing speeds in excess of 100 MPH was quite foreign. These days, action cameras such as the GoPro allow us to get a complete idea of exactly what it’s like to live life behind the wheel of anything from a Camaro flying down the strip to a C6.R ripping around a racetrack – all at an affordable price. The video can then be posted to Youtube for the world to enjoy with ease.


Ready for liftoff!

The poster of this Youtube video decides that attaching his GoPro hanging down beneath the T-top of his fourth gen Camaro would be an awesome spot to catch all the action, and boy, was he right. When he attached the action cam firmly in place, he never expected to capture exactly what he did. Upon shifting into third gear, the T-top is ripped from the roof of the car and thrust into the air in dramatic fashion. The former piece of the Camaro does a couple of back flips before shattering on the asphalt that lies below. Every second of the action was caught on his camera, which managed to survive the fall with flying colors – no pun intended.


The final shot as the track attendant retrieves the camera. Note the shattered glass on the ground.

In the comments on the video, the uploader insists that the top simply wasn’t locked in all the way and we don’t find that hard to believe. This isn’t the first top to go for a ride and certainly won’t be the last. We also see targa tops ripped off of Corvettes from time to time as can be seen in this video.

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