Video: A Classic Camaro Crashes At The Drag Strip

Drag racing is one of the most popular forms of motorsport in America, and on any given weekend you can find a long line and big crowd at any of the hundreds of drag strips across the country. Despite the popularity of modern sports cars and imports though, American muscle remains the car of choice for many serious drag racers, and you’d be hard pressed to find a drag strip without a single classic car in line to race.

Unfortunately, most of these classic drag cars lack many of the complicated computers that afford modern vehicles a greater degree of control. With so much power under the hood, all it takes is one small mistake to turn a drag run into a wreck. Such is the case with the next video, which came out of Irwindale drag strip this past weekend.

It hurts to see a classic Chevy Camaro get crunched up the way this one does; there is no obvious reason why things went down the way they did. The Camaro (looks like a ‘67) launches straight and true, though by the 60-foot marker the car is clearly heading into the other lane.

The driver tries to correct, but instead overcorrects, putting the Camaro up on two wheels and losing any semblance of control. Even though the Camaro wasn’t going too fast, the crash still does some serious damage, tearing the whole front end of the Camaro off.

The damage is bad enough to reveal a huge turbo under the hood, though the details on the engine setup remain a mystery. Thankfully, the driver seems unhurt, though this Camaro’s racing days might just be done for.


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