Iowa’s I-29 Dragway held its third and final The Shop Inc. Heads-Up No Prep Racing Series event of the season earlier this month, featuring six classes of competition, including Big Tire, Small Tire, Drag Radial, Stick Shift, Front Wheel Drive, and Street Tire. Joey Hiykel, best known as the pilot of the famed “Beater Bomb” Fox-body Mustang, oversees the events, which have gained considerable popularity in the upper Midwest.

Sean Melton of Urban Hillbilly Videos was in the house at the September finale, catching all of the legit no prep action, which draws out a unique range of cars — everything from tube chassis Top Sportsman-style cars to screw-blown Chevy Impala’s and a host of machines that don’t look like they have any business lining up next to the aforementioned machines. But, this is no prep, and the track surface is the equalizer between the big-power machines and those that are outgunned on paper.

Urban Hillbilly captured the entirety of the Big Tire and Drag Radial programs, showing Paul Steyer’s drive to the final round in his Corvette, where he received an automatic victory after opponent Rodney Weisser jumped the start in his Chevy Nova but mad what could have well been a winning pass. In Drag Radial, Ryan Miller drove away from Adam Underwood’s Trans Am in his fourth-gen Camaro in a great matchup to earn the crown.

Check out almost 25 minutes of the action from I-29, from testing right on through eliminations to the crowning of the winners!