Video: Blown 7-Second Holden Torana Hikes The Wheels And Hauls Ass

TORA SSBuilding a full blown show or drag car is not an easy task, as each build requires a different skill set and requirements to reach its final goal.  If you’re trying to build a drag car that has the quality of a show car you better really know what you’re doing.  You can see cars that do fit this bill at about any track the world over, but the car built by Karl Wicht from Australia takes it to a new level.  Not only has this car won awards, its already hanging the hoops and laying down seven second passes.

Karl’s weapon of choice for this build is a Holden Torana LX. Holden produced the Torana from 1967 until 1980 and had several generations. The LX model was offered from 1976 until 1978 with several trim levels, and the engines offered started with the 1.9 liter 4 banger, then went all the way up to a 308 cubic inch V8. You could also pick up the special A9X option on the car, this was offered to make the car eligible for the Australian Touring Car Series.

To run the Pro Street Blown and 10.5 Outlaw class Karl would need something a bit stouter than the 308 cubic inch V8, so to punch this hatchback into the sevens, Dandy Engines was contacted to build the 555 cubic inch mill. The forced induction weapon of choice is a ProCharger F-3R, and a Big Stuff3 and AMS boost controller help to keep everything in check when Karl hits the loud pedal. Getting all this power to the ground is a Powerglide transmission and 9 inch rear end.

Before the car was taken to the track for a proper flogging Karl visited the Summernationals and won Outstanding Engineered Vehicle for the elite category. In May, the car was taken to Sydney Dragway and laid down a 7.26 at 189 while shaking the car down. In the video from our friends at you can see this car is VERY loud and has a hard time keeping the front wheels planted — which just makes it all the more entertaining.

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