Video: Boosted RX Completely Disintegrates In Crash In The Caribbean

Normally a bad day at the track might entail a few mechanical problems and maybe a first round loss, but Dale Myers had the worst kind of bad days. Myers lost control while of his Mazda at Wallerfield International Raceway in the Caribbean paradise of Trinidad and Tobago and went for a ride that could well have ended in tragedy.

Myers is no stranger to the Wallerfield International Raceway behind the wheel of his second generation RX-7 known as the “Rugrat”. Keeping things all-Mazda, Myers kept a 13B rotary engine in the car while cramming it with a ton of boost. This car is no joke and it uses all of that big slick as rips off passes deep into the 8.60 range at almost 160 mph when there are no issues.

Everything appeared to be normal for Myers on this pass until his Mazda drifted right slightly, then shot directly left across the track crossing just behind the car in the other lane. The Wallerfield track has a break in the wall and Myers car just happened to strike the open K-Rail barrier at a high rate of speed, with devastating results. The RX-7 literally disintegrated, with the body being shed from the chassis, the rearend departing out from the back of the car, and very little left intact from the firewall on back. Thankfully, after such a horrific crash Myers was able to walk away with no serious injuries in what could only be described as a miracle given the aftermath.

Check out the videos from fugitive7, Christian Ramnarie, and 3ne2nr’s YouTube channels that show just how violent of a crash this was.

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