Video: Check Out AEM’s AQ-1 Datalogger With AEM’s Kirk Miller

aem1 AEM Performance Electronics builds all sorts of electronics for use in your race car, from engine management systems to wideband air/fuel monitors, fuel pumps, and even boost controllers and ignition components. 

The focus of today’s video is their AQ-1 Data Logger, which is a compact unit that’s reasonably priced and offers an absolute ton of features.

Dataloggers are helpful to – yep, you guessed it – measure data before, during, and after a run. The information they provide the user can be inspected to determine where during a run the driver shifted, how quickly the driveshaft speed was accelerating, fuel injector duty cycle, and tons more. Chances are, if there’s a component on the car, AEM’s figured out a way to record its operation to better provide information to make tuning changes that will benefit the racing operation.

aem2AEM’s Vice President, Kirk Miller, recently sat down with the folks at Motovicity to talk about the AQ-1, and went over a number of the important features like how it’s designed to be water and shock-proof and uses an SD card to retain data.

Onboard is a G-analyst, voltmeter, GPS and CAN inputs, and also eight analog inputs spread between four 0-5V and four 0-16.5V inputs. There are also three switched digital inputs that can monitor fan operation and the like. 

It can be used on vehicles that have either electronic fuel injection or a carburetor, and AEM provides a handy-dandy sensor wizard to help you get everything set up through a traditional USB connection. All data is saved to a single log file with a real-time clock, making it easy to decipher what’s happening and when. Check out the video and hit up the AEM boys if this can help your program. 

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