Video: Classic Gassers At 131 Dragway In the 1960’s

Over the past few years, the classic “Gasser” has been making a huge comeback. The main reason the popular 1960’s hot rods are under construction for a modern debut is simple: it’s because they’re cool! If you agree, then this 1960s footage from US 131 Dragway in Martin, Michigan will trip the cool-meter. The video does an excellent job in combining track action with personal photos of the iconic race cars and it gives up-close examples of how the original crowd pleasers appeared and performed. From the straight axle front end to the creative names on the side, the doorslammers of this era were unique.

This is a great glimpse at the pioneering machines that helped inspire modern drag racing. It’s difficult to find anything more elegant than a couple of Gassers with a blown V-8 stuffed between narrow frame rails. The aluminum slots and Cragar SS wheels bring back memories of hot rods from our youth and days gone by.

The video also features one of Michigan’s famous drag strips, Martin Raceway. Martin Raceway was built in 1962 and is still going strong, celebrating its 50th year of competition. The track has been renamed US 131 Motor Sports Park and has evolved tremendously since the video was shot nearly 50 years ago. At the forty year mark in 2002, the track was given a $14 million dollar face lift. The complex no longer resembles its former self from the video, but has emerged to appeal more to today’s drag racer. It’s faster, more modern, and safer, but has retained its rich heritage in drag racing history as seen in the video shot at the same racetrack. Classic footage of vintage drag cars taken in the ‘60s at a legendary race track brings life back to the Gassers. What more could we ask for? Well, maybe seeing them in person again.

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