Video: Cleetus McFarland Dyno’s Leroy the Savage! 705 HP

The numbers are in; on its third dyno pull, Leroy put down a borderline alarming 705-horsepower and 639 ft-lb of torque. Power figures like those are already impressive on supercars. On what is essentially an oversized go-kart, those numbers are insane.
We’ve kept a keen eye on Cleetus McFarland’s new project car, a stripped down C5 Corvette sporting a 5.7-liter LS1 powerplant (and not much else) affectionately named Leroy. Earlier outings of the stripped down project corvette covered the basics of new car hooning ranging from donuts around a Canadian to spraying nitrous directly into the air filter. However, the most recent videos with Leroy follow its journey from a stripped down salvage title to a thoroughbred racecar.
Leroy the Savage puts down an amazing 705-horsepower!

Leroy the Savage puts down an amazing 705 horsepower!

About a month ago, McFarland began the process of supercharging Leroy and prepping him for the ultimate showdown with Kyle Loftis’ Unicorn C5 build. The goal was to mate an LSA supercharger from a CTS-V2 featuring a 1.9 liter roots blower onto Leroy’s LS1 V8. The car also received a myriad of additional upgrades to handle the new found power like a Monster twin-disc clutch, ARP head bolts and studs, and a custom cam courtesy of Texas Speed  & Performance.
While still short of the original 1000-horsepower goal, it’s making the aforementioned 705-horsepower and 649 ft-lb of torque on e90 fuel with a relatively conservative tune. Also keep in mind that these power figures are moving a stripped down chassis resulting in a substantially better power to weight ratio.

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