Theft of all kinds seems to spike around the holiday season. We learned this earlier in the week when Tim Allen’s LT5-powered Impala SS was stolen from his Los Angeles home only to be recovered in Denver, Colorado. Hot on the heels of that incident, this story comes to us out of Wichita, Kansas where RPM Motorsports owner Bob Musgrove came back to his shop last Sunday afternoon to discover his pickup and enclosed trailer housing a C4 drag car had been stolen from his otherwise secure property.

Musgrove had just returned from visiting his parents’ gravesite, and the emotion that followed the discovery of his stolen Vette and trailer was one which any of us can understand. “It’s a very cold feeling inside when someone takes something from you that you’ve worked very hard to have,” says Musgrove.

Upon discovery of the theft of what added up to $100k in property, Musgrove and friends issued several posts online in an attempt to recover the fast C4 and other items that had been taken. Craigslist was among the online venues where Musgrove and company sounded the alarm. “It caused for a pretty sleepless night,” says Musgrove.

Wichita police were also notified within minutes of the discovery by the RPM shop owner, and by Sunday night an arrest had been made in connection with the incident, though only some of the stolen items, including the Corvette and trailer, were recovered while some “big ticket” items were still missing.

Among the items that are currently still unrecovered are Musgrove’s ’89 GMC, a maroon-colored truck with Kansas license plate number TFQ683, a generator and a three-wheeler. The search for these items has far from ended, and anyone who knows about these stolen goods is asked to contact the Wichita Police Department immediately.