Video: Farmtruck And AZN Crash Their Burnout Truck At SummerNats 31

Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley and Jeff “AZN” Bonnett are known for their zany antics on Discovery Channel’s hit TV show Street Outlaws and their ability to go fishing for unsuspecting competition on the streets of OKC with the famed Chevy pickup. Last year, the dynamic duo made a trip to Australia to experience one of the biggest events that country has to offer, the SummerNats. After getting a taste of the action, Farmtruck and AZN returned in 2018 to participate in the burnout contest but made an unplanned visit with the wall during their run.

One of the more unique areas of Australian car culture is their love for burnout contests. These aren’t like what you see here in the states where someone burns the tires off a Camaro at a car show — the vehicles in these contests are brutes. The more smoke and insanity they show on the skid pad, the louder the cheers and higher the scores the contestants receive.

After FarmTruck and AZN rode along in some of these rowdy burnout machines they decided they wanted in on the action. Working with the students at the Canberra Institute of Technology, Farmtruck and AZN took another C10 truck, bearing a nearly identical appearance to the original, and turned it into an LS-powered burnout machine with a supercharger with the goal of destroying sets of tires.

With FarmTruck behind the wheel of their new creation, it was time to see what the truck could do. After the go signal was given, Farmtuck blasted the loud pedal and the truck began to billow huge clouds of smoke as the blown LS engine roared to life … then things went sideways. After some light contact with the wall Farmtruck whipped the truck around for another pass, but then the truck smacked the wall a bit harder and their run was brought to an end due to an apparent steering failure.

Check out this footage from StreetMachineTV that shows Farmtruck’s wild ride, along with the entire build process of their burnout machine.

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