Video: Ford A-Model Drops Into the 9s at Australian Drag Race Event

How many Ford A-Models do you typically see at the drag strip? Probably more than you see actually competing in drag races, but still they are few and far between. That doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there crazy enough to race the 80+-year-old model, however, and one such racer has actually been turning heads in Australia for a few years now. Check out the YouTube video of the wicked Australian Model A doing its thing on the track above.

The ‘30 Model A in the video above is owned by Jason Keily. As you’ve probably gathered, this isn’t your traditional Ford A-Model, however. The car has actually been rodded out to be a track beast. The transformation included a built suspension, Weld Racing wheels, huge slicks in the rear and wheelie bars. However, don’t forget about that engine.

The early Ford model actually gets its power from a nasty 454ci. big-block Chevy. While purists may scoff at the idea of a Chevy motor in a Ford model, no one can deny just how sick this Model A really is. Most 80-year-old cars are in horrible shape, if not completely rusted away by now. Sure, there are some show-quality cars out there, but we bet you’d be hard pressed to find many burning rubber and thrashing gears on the drag strip like this one.

What’s even more impressive than the car itself, is the quarter-mile times it is capable of. This bad boy has actually broken into the 9-second range, recently throwing down a 9.99 second quarter mile at 137mph at the Australian Pro Street Association Shootout, held at Calder Park Raceway in Keilor Victoria, Australia back on February 18th. While Keily may not have won his class with the Model A, he definitely put on a great show, throwing the front wheels of the Model A to the sky before hitting the traps in under 10 seconds.

Be sure to check out the Model A’s impressive quarter mile run above. And you thought your Mustang was impressive….

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