Images credit: MonsterKartGarage

The very essence of gearhead-ism has always been the pursuit of performance, regardless of what’s being used to accomplish it. And when you bring together one or more bright (and curious) minds, a shop of tools, and some random parts, you can never be quite sure of the result.

Over in Germany, a group of mechanics at what’s known as the MonsterKartGarage put together this kart based on a Formula-style shifter kart chassis, engineered to accommodate a powerful Honda CBR1000 engine. Despite the fact this project sounds like a backwoods concoctions thrown together in a shed over a few jars of ‘shine, this is actually a well-engineered piece with plenty of one-off parts and exuding professionalism front to rear.

While the intended purpose here is surely for competition or exhibition on a road course, if it has an engine, wheels, and safety equipment, it’s pretty fair game for the dragstrip, as well.

Although dated, the MonsterKartGarage team took their creation to the famed Hockenheim Ring in Hockenheim, Germany to the 1/4-mile FIA-sanctioned dragstrip situated on the road course, where the unassuming and tiny kart not only produces smoke right out of the burnout box, but rips off a best of 9.53 at 180 km/h, or roughly about 112 MPH. As you can see in the video, the combination of far more power then traction actually sends the kart spinning out of the groove early on before picking up a real head of steam out the back half.

In truth, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this kart runs as quick as it does, considering what its using for power. A healthy number of production motorcycles in the 1000cc range are capable of running in the nines off the showroom floor with a competent and fairly light rider aboard, and with a lightweight kart chassis sans all heavy components found on a crotch rocket, this kart is a pretty easy load for the Honda powerplant.