Video: Grandpa’s Big-Body Buick ‘Sleeper’ Goes 9’s With Authority

Upscale cars have a certain connotation when they’re referenced — they’re thought of as refined, plush, and full of elegance, which is pretty much everything a race car is not. Many of these swank automobiles live an easy life of valet parking and trips to the grocery store, but then there are those who fall into the hands of a gearhead and transform into something  they were never intended for.

buickA gearhead, or more specifically, a drag racer, is perfectly willing to turn anything into a track monster. And in this case, a simple Buick LeSabre has been twisted into a sleeper-type, single-digit, nitrous-breathing terror.

The LeSabre was introduced as Buick’s entry level model back in 1959 to get people into an upscale GM product. They’re still in production today, and they’re still elegant, upscale cars. They were never truly intended to be a performance car, but like anything else, the mad scientist of the quarter mile will try to make anything go fast.

This particular 1977 LeSabre was built as a fun sleeper for a father and grew quickly from there. With a full interior, air conditioning, and a race weight of over 4,200 pounds, this car is the definition of a sleeper right down to the OEM hubcaps. The motor is a 385 cubic inch LT1-based mill that’s been converted over to a carburetor setup and makes 400 horsepower, which is enough to run high 11’s on all motor. A nitrous plate system fills the intake with enough spray to put down 700 horses to the 275 radial tire out back. What started out as a simple sleeper that would go 10’s has grown into a Hulk-like beast that’s been 9.85 at 133 mph when the spray is turned up.  Check out the video of this two-ton grocery getter nearly hanging the hoops!

Video credit: BigKleib34

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