Video: Holley EFI-Equipped 526-Inch Monster Nets 2,100 HP

The exploits of engine builder Steve Morris have been well documented here on the pages of DRAGZINE, and for good reason, we say. Perhaps Morris simply doesn’t promote his more “tame” engine builds on his website on in online forums, but on the surface at least, it would seem that his engine facility specializes only in engines that deliver “shock and awe” responses. You name it, he’s probably built it.

Our friends over at Holley Performance sent us over this video – which you’ll also see featured in the latest edition of the Holley Gearhead News online newsletter if you’re subscriber – of an engine build that Morris complete and tested last year. This gargantuan beast is a 526 cubic inch Big Block Chrysler based upon a Keith Black engine block, paired with B1 cylinder heads and a powerful F3-139 blower from ProCharger with a Supercharger Store gear drive setup. Knowing a great product when he sees it, Morris has utilized Holley’s electronic fuel injection system with 42 and 160 lb/hr fuel injectors.

In a more high-boost, race configuration, this bullet pulls a staggering 2,113 horsepower and 1,505 ft/lbs of torque at just over 7.300 RPM, and makes i the neighborhood of 1,500 horsepower without so much as breaking a sweat.

While Holley is certainly best known only for their classic, industry-revered carburetors, today they offer a complete high performance racing EFI system that’s used by muscle car fanatics and champion drag racers alike. To learn more about Holley EFI, be sure and visit

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