As sad as it is, stolen racecars and trailers are a reality. People with no sense of right and wrong seek to take your hard-earned, built and cherished vehicle for themselves. It’s far too common to be browsing your favorite motorsport forum only to see public awareness announcements asking to keep an eye out for a recently stolen rig.

You may brush aside the concern as something that will never happen to you but consider the times when your racecar, trailer or tow-vehicle are vulnerable. Maybe the occasion at the track, outside a hotel room, or even in a roadside pit stop when you drop your guard is all they need to get away with your stuff.

Covering yourself in this instance can be as simple as installing a transponder device like the GeoSky Alert. Even if your car is stolen, you can have a pinpointed location where it is located and the authorities can catch those responsible before something bad happens to your operation.

GeoSkyIn this video, Aaron Lowry of GeoSky takes us through the installation of an Alert GPS trailer tracker in a typical 20-foot enclosed race trailer. The process is simple as it comes with all of the electrical installations. First, you simply select a discreet location for the Alert box and secure it with Velcro. Next, you locate your wiring route to supply 12 volts to the unit. Lastly, install the antenna where it will have a view of the sky and satellites for positioning. From there, plug everything in and allow the system to initialize itself.

As Lowry points out, the Alert system works equally well in open and enclosed trailers. For the security of all your toys check out GeoSky for tracking solutions for trailers, cars, motorcycles, and more.