Video: JPC Racing Busts The 7-Second Coyote Mark Because Street Car

jpc1Just a week and a half ago, we reported on how Justin Burcham and his JPC Racing crew were able to take their astounding 2011 Mustang street car and run an insane 8.02 at 170 MPH at the NMRA’s World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. At the time, we suggested that Burcham might try to achieve the elusive 7-second pass at the upcoming World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway.

It seems that we were off on our guesstimate, as Burcham, never one to rest on his laurels, couldn’t wait that long. Just yesterday, Burcham made the trek to MIR to try his luck on the famous Jason Miller-tuned track surface, and an unreal 7.94 at 172 MPH was the result of his efforts.


Photo Credit: JPC Racing

As we previously reported, this is a real street car. When we say real street car, we don’t mean that it’s capable of running to the local quickie-mart for refreshments, but that it’s actually driven, long distances, on the street. In fact, earlier this year, the JPC crew drove all the way to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach from their Maryland headquarters in the badass machine.

Although Burcham did recently install a Powerglide transmission in place of the six-speed that formerly rested in the transmission tunnel, the change was mainly for durability reasons. The car has responded well to the swap, given that he’s simply outrun the rest of the tuner shops in the country quite easily to bust that barrier. 

Seeing the JPC team and their exploits reminds us of days gone by, when “second” barriers were broken by many hardcore race teams, and it’s made even more impressive by the fact that they actually take this car to local cruise-ins on a regular basis to prove its mettle.

There’s a reason we’ve chosen to work with them on a number of our own projects, along with their engine builder, Rich Groh of RGR Engines – they know what works. In this case, it’s a set of ported cylinder heads, BOSS 302 camshafts, and a single 76mm Precision turbocharger fed by one of JPC’s own 2011-up turbo systems. Simply incredible!

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