billethemiWhen most shops set out to build an engine, they have it all planned out, with goals in mind to achieve their ultimate build. When Moran Motorsports set this build into motion, however, it was going to be a slightly different build than one might expect. You see, this isn’t just a HEMI build, it’s the first 100% billet HEMI build, from intake to oil pan.

If that’s not enough to set this build apart, take a gander at the shop where the engine is being built. No, that’s not a DNA testing facility where everything has to be germ and dust free, that’s the shop where the billet HEMI build took place.


One of Moran Motorsports twin turbo engines.

What better way to showcase an ultra clean build than and ultra clean shop? Yes, we are a tad bit envious of this shop.

We contacted Russ Culver at Moran Motorsports about this build, and he tells us the engine was about 2 years in the planning and development stage. In order to make all of the parts for this engine, the planning and measuring is quite extensive. Moran Motorsports is no stranger to building race engines, so to take on a task like this requires some skill, some know how, and lots of patience and talent.

Check out the video above, and look for the first 100% billet HEMI to hit the 1320 soon. Real time track testing is still a couple of weeks away, but just the video above had us drooling and wanting more.