Video: Rick Crawford Sets G8 “All Motor” Record

These days “fast” is a subjective term. A few years ago if you had a 13 second car you were the bully on the block. These days most performance cars will qualify in the 13s or better straight off of the showroom floor. Rick Crawford’s all motor Pontiac G8 is only a small sample of how much things have changed.

When you take a first glance at the sedan, it may not appear to be anything out of the ordinary – a modern Chevy V8 is in the tens, so what? After being able to peek under the hood though, we realized just how special this Pontiac sedan really is. There was no turbo, no nitrous kit, nothing. This G8 is composed of 100% lagless, heat-soak-less, bottle-less power. As recently as a few years ago, nobody even considered a ten second street car, let alone a four door.


Simple and clean, just how we like it.

Even more impressive: the entire setup was concocted and tweaked almost entirely by Rick himself. From machine work to assembly, almost everything was done in the comfort of Rick’s own garage. The simplicity of the build itself is grounds to be considered impressive.

The car starts off with an untouched GM short block. On top of the block are the original heads, which have undergone a little bit surgery via port work; this was also done by Rick. A set of Camaro headers and a Lunati cam complete the build. A tune by Rick and a little bit of weight reduction was able to propel the late model four door to a 10.79-second quarter mile pass at 130 MPH. Rick concludes the interview in the video by saying that, “It’s everything that everybody said wouldn’t work.” Judging by his results, we would be inclined to say that “Everybody” was oh so wrong.541765_567675673269096_1158597161_n

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