Video: Straight-Six ’65 Ford Mustang Runs 9-Second ¼-Mile

In the argument of which is the right platform for turbo diesels, most Cummins loyalists will claim that the V8 configuration lends itself to too much torque wrenching the eight-cylinder’s crank around. The inline-six, they claim, can handle far more abuse as the torsion is only vertical rather than from opposing angles. While that debate rages on, it’s good to know that some evidence to their credit can be found in gasoline engines.

We spotted this wicked video of an unassuming ’65 notchback Mustang with a “secretary’s” six-banger running 9-second quarters. How? A hell of a lot of boost, that’s how. Beneath the YouTube video the description only says, “John’s 1TUF65 1965 Mustang runs in the nines for the fist time. Ford 4ltr, T51, LPG. John went onto run 9.94,9.86 and a 9.80 at 142mph.”

Filmed at Heathcore Speedway in Australia, this seriously boosted ‘Stang erupts quickly, blowing the back tires out from beneath it with each pass. Obviously, next on John’s list is some serious hook up improvements. But until that time, this orange ’65 with a lifted 6-banger from a Ford Falcon will continue to wow audiences with each pass down the 1320.

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