The 2013 Cobra Jet Ford Mustang has already proven itself on the drag strip and this one coming from our friends in Mexico is getting ready for action on the other side of the boarder.

Here’s a video of a walk around of the brand new 2013 Cobra Jet complete with the a close up look at the interior and engine bay.  The Cobra Jet is truly a race car ready to roll and own the track right off the assembly line. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these mean machines, you should know that only 50 Cobra Jets were produced, both in supercharged and naturally aspirated models.

If you want to know more, the naturally aspirated version includes a Cobra Jet induction system, CNC ported heads, high lift cams, and a low-drag accessory drive. Opt for the supercharged model and expect that amazing Ford Racing/Whipple supercharger to whine as you fly down the drag strip. On top of that, you can expect the CNC port matched manifold and heads.

And on top of both models, you get a lighter body for better weight distribution, electric power steering complete with steering assist, a certified roll cage for safety and rigidity through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Recaro FIA racing seats and improved brake pedal with a revised pedal ratio. Let’s not forget the suspension that was put together by analyzing the quarter mile over a hundred times, and also by computer modeling. All in all, it’s a beast.