Video: Twin Turbo Cobra Makes 934 RWHP on the Dyno

Just searching the word “dyno” on YouTube brings up almost 19,000 results. That’s because car fans from coast to coast and, really, all around the world, loving showing off just how much horsepower their cars can make. Of course dynamometers have a very specific job, aside from massaging the egos of powerful car owners, and that is to test and tune specific engine and tuning setups. It isn’t the most exciting video category.

That said, we do enjoy ourselves a good dyno video, especially when there is big power being made. With all the focus on the S197 Mustangs these days, we thought we’d give the older New Edge style some love, and this 934 horsepower, twin-turbo Mustang is as good a representative of the old ways as any.

What we’ve got here is a 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra, one of the best Mustangs ever put out by Ford. With a supercharged DOHC V8 it made good power, but the real boone when it comes to these old Terminators is that their engines can hold boost. Lots of boost. Twin turbos are the new norm when it comes to these old Cobras and as this video demonstrates, they can produce a lot of power with two snails up front. But those aren’t the only modifications.

While the displacement remained stock, the heads were ported, Stage 1 cams installed, and custom exhaust and other modifications really take the power up a notch. At the wheels, with the boost turned up, this twin-turbo Cobra made over 934 horsepower to the wheels. And it sounds mmm-mmm good, don’t you agree?

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